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A Code/Charter of Best Practice
in International Legal Education?

The Working Group on International Students and Law Schools

25th-26th June 2020

This two-day conference will focus on what might be the best practices/approaches in legal education when a law school/faculty includes non-domestic law students (international or foreign law students). The first day will be devoted to panel/poster presentations on the many different issues/challenges/ approaches/solutions arising for the international students, local students, academics and institutions. 

The second day will focus on what might be needed to develop an aspirational Charter or Code of Best Practice for Legal Education of International Students.  The result or conclusions of that second day would then be circulated to those not in attendance at the conference (mainly law schools/faculties around the world) for their input.  Depending on the conference results and the later input on any results the Working Group will then reconvene to continue the development of a Code/Charter.  The ideal and eventual goal would be to produce and disseminate such a Code/Charter to which law schools/faculties could aspire.

We welcome hearing from organisations/groups that might wish to collaborate on this event.

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